2016: Copenhagen-Barcelona/Berlin-Copenhagen

Without a particular destination or any experience in bicycle touring, but with a hunger for adventure and the whole summer ahead of me, I went out my front door in early June 2016 and set my course south. The decision to do this trip was quite spontaneous, and I wasn’t sure how far or for how long I would want to go, and thus didn’t want to invest a lot of money in my equipment. So a week before I left, I went out and got some cheap basic gear: a bike bag, a 1 person tent, and a pair of cycling shorts. The bike I did my tour on was my everyday bike – a Centurion Le Mans city bike with 7 gears, which was a great commuter bike for me at home, but not the kind of bike you would normally choose for long distance riding. I spent a total of 20€ on accommodation during my 73-days trip, and traveled more than 4000 km (2500 mls) on my bike, riding through 6 countries and 5 capitals. Below you can check out my route, and read about my trip in details and see the pictures I took along the way:

My route: 

I’ve divided my trip description into 4 separate blog posts, that you can see here:

Part 1/4: Denmark – Germany – Holland

Part 2/4: Belgium and France

Part 3/4: The Pyrenees and Spain

Part 4/4: Berlin to Copenhagen


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