2017: My next trip

This summer I will set out on my next bicycle adventure! I’ve thought a lot about where I want to travel this time, and the biggest problem for me has been choosing, since there are so many places I want to go. Countries such as Norway, Iran, Iceland, Morocco and Italy are high on my bicycle bucket list, but I have decided to fly to Istanbul and ride through the Balkans and Central Europe till I reach home. I don’t have an exact route planned out, and won’t really decided on that until I’m on the road, but I have two possible routes roughly sketched out:


Planlagt cykelrute 2017.jpg

The first one (red line) being the so called coastal route – going mostly west from Istanbul, towards the Adriatic sea and then following the Croatian coast north until I reach Slovenia, and then continue north through Central Europe.

The second route (yellow line) in contrast won’t see much coastline – riding north-northwest from Istanbul and passing through central Bulgaria and Romania, and then going towards Budapest.



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