Welcome to my travel blog!

I’m Daniel, and I love traveling by bike. Currently I’m studying classical percussion at the Music Conservatory of Southern Denmark, and go on bike tours whenever I can find the time. So far I’ve traveled more than 6.000 km by bike through 14 countries.


The main purpose of ‘Dane on a bike’ is to share my passion for traveling by bike and hopefully inspire others to take up biking as an alternative and sustainable way of traveling, by sharing knowledge and documenting my own two-wheeled adventures around the world.

My background and how I got started

Denmark has a great bicycle culture, and especially in cities biking is the main mode of transportation for a lot of people. For me as well my bicycle has always been what I used to get around, but only for shorter distances. Although I was using my bike every day, using it for anything more than just commuting, barely ever crossed my mind and seemed completely crazy to me. However on a backpacking trip in Central America in the spring of 2016 a spark for traveling by bike was lit in me. While on the volcano island, Ometepe, in Nicaragua, I rented a bike, planning to go just for a short ride, but ended up riding all the way around the island. Later on the same trip I explored parts of Costa Rica and Panama by bike as well.

As soon as I got home from Central America, I was ready for more adventures and decided to try out bike traveling. I didn’t know how far I would go or for how long I would be gone, but I went out and bought a cheap tent and cheap bicycle bag, and not long after I set out on my first long distance bike trip. A two month trip going from Copenhagen to Barcelona and Berlin to Copenhagen. Traveling about 4000 km (2500 mi), and staying with locals and wild camping along the way. Read more about my trip around Europe…